When to call a car park in Rome?

When to call a car park in Rome?

The hydraulic emergency service in Rome and its province allows you to have the Autospurgo, the special truck equipped for purge operations, immediately on site.

What is the Autospurgo

The self -purge is the specific truck for purge operations consisting of a tank equipped with a high-pressure hydraulic pump that serves to suck up sewage and toxic and dangerous materials. The cistern, which rests on the vehicle, is divided into two sections: in the first one the materials that the pump sucks converge, in the second section there is water that is used to clean the sewers.

How to keep a clean sewer

To avoid blockages, it is essential to keep the sewer clean, so contact the local plumber for maintenance. At least once a year (preferably every 6 months), it would be necessary to check the cesspools or biological pits, performing professional cleaning. Perhaps you do not know that some household substances create enormous problems, as they must not be disposed of in waste water, such as frying oils, for example, because with the passage of time they solidify and form a kind of cork, that is, a filling . Even detergents , used in excess, can create fillings. In the toiletnothing should be thrown that is not biodegradable toilet paper, in reality you often find yourself in everything: cigarettes, oleot paper, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, here, in these cases, be careful not to want to solve using the disgorging elements , because they ruin the pipe seals .

What is a septic tank?

A biological pit is an underground tank that serves to accumulate sewage and household waste. While the cesspit requires more than having to be emptied more often, the septic tank has a duct that discharges liquids on the opposite side with respect to the introduction of sewage.

What to do in the event of a blocked drain?

If the drain is clogged, it is recommended a self-venting in Rome and province for emptying and disposal of sewage from septic tanks and wells blacks. In many cases, where necessary, action is also taken using the canal jet system . These are high pressure washes that are carried out using a probe that sprays water into the pipes.

The Rome Hydraulic Drainage Vehicles are all equipped with Canal-Jet pumps, which perform a hydrodynamic cleaning. The flexible hose, connected to a pump and a collecting tank, reaches a pressure between 120 and 200 BAR and a water flow of 400 liters per minute. The effectiveness of the washing is due to the nozzle, which is pushed deeply along the entire pipe, removing any encrustation. The Canal Jet system removes all sewage obstructions and limescale residues , solid waste and any foreign body, causing traffic jams and bad smells at home . The Canal Jet system is also used for sewer emergency operations
or, where required, for routine maintenance, obtaining a thorough cleaning of the waste water discharge system.

If you have problems with sewers, you can always contact the sewer emergency service in Rome, which carries out the Autospurgo service with Canal Jet.

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